- “You committed the taboo, didn’t you?”
- “You…just took a step toward hell”

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snaps from central: sent from alphonse elric → all contacts; sent from greedling → alphonse elric


makorins the worst pass it on


makorins the worst pass it on

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Attack on Titan + Behind the name 1


at least 85% of Edward Elric’s personality is made up of pure U WANNA FUCKIN GO



#I’ll never entirely move on from this because Rin’s natural habitat seems to involve Haruka’s shoulder in like 7432828 ways #And at least 37493294 times we get to see this happen and holy fuck Rin. #Rin. Did you memorise the smell of Haruka’s hair yet. #Did you memorise the curvature of his shoulder. #Do you calculate when to touch him and at what interval of the day. #Like. Rin. Do you ever switch to Haru’s left side because what are you always doing on the right. #Why do you touch him so much. #Why him and no one else huh. #Why #Why. #I’m going to self implode. #The timer for self destruction is set for… 5 seconds… 5…4…3…2…1 #[becomes a seaweed] #[shrivels] (via tottorin)

#rin be a little less obvious abt ur giant crush ok it is destroying me


*whispers* farm AU

Ao No Exorcist The Movie
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